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Kinky Conundrums

For the animal inside! =]

Kinky Condundrums
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This community is dedicated to all out randomness!

Rules: Post anything that comes to mind (as long as it's within......the...reasonable decency that is expected)! You can post pictures, stories, games, rants, comments on events, URLs to sites you think are interesting, recipes for loov, how to make a bong out of Beanie Baby, et cetera! Be fun! Don't make rude comments [unless within reason....>.>?] and be polite. Uhm...get more members for the community! Be nice to Jews! Speak out! Reveil your plans on conquering the world!

Yeah, so, have fun with it. Post as much as you want [AGAIN.....within reason! Don't fuckin' spam]. What we, the admins, consider spam.....is.....basically just plainly annoying posts that keep recurring and all that jibber jabber.

So just post shit you don't really want to clutter your LJ/DJ with.

Thanks! ~Aki, Nessa~