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Kinky Conundrums

Tuesday, July 6, 2004

10:26PM - Postage!

*stares* ............

*blinks* ........ o.o

.......... Uhm... I wanted to say something..

But, I forgot....

So... Yeah...

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Friday, March 5, 2004



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Friday, February 13, 2004

5:37PM - Rawr!

Wow.. No one's posted in here since December last year.. o.o; Fun!
*wavies to everyone*


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Thursday, December 11, 2003



Jeffrey Dahmer, Cannibal
                        Angie Cannon

He was a form chocolate factory worker with a fetish for flesh. In his putrid, one-bedroom apartment in Milwaukee, he saved painted skulls and severed heads, including one stashed in the fridge next to a box of baking soda. He had a kettle and a freezer of body parts. He stored torsos in a vat of acid. He drilled holes in his victims' heads and had sex with dead bodies. He chewed on body parts, once using Crisco and meat tenderizer on a biceps. Over 13 years, mostly through the excessive 1980s, Jeffrey Dahmer, alone in his poisoned world, was monstrous, repulsive, depraved. But the most frightening thing about Dahmer is what he was not: insane. He was objectively judged to be sane. He did what he did with his wits intact. "He was a man who made a decision that he would satisfy himself," says E. Michael McCann, the Milwaukee district attorney who put Dahmer away in 1992. "He liked sex with dead bodies. It was the ultimate in self-indulgence.
    In an interview with NBC's Dateline in March 1994, Dahmer said lust drove him to lure his victims, most of them b lack and gay, from bars, bus stops, and shopping malls, to his apartment, where he drugged, strangled, and dismembered them. "Once it happened the first time, it just seemed like it had control of my life from there on in," he said. "The killing was just a means to an end. That was the least satisfactory part. I didn't enjoy doing that. That's why I tried to create living zombies with . . . acid and the drill."
    His killing spree started in 1978 with an 18-year-old hitchhiker whom Dahmer met and brought home for a few beers. Dahmer, who had just graduated from high school, battered him with a barbell, cut up the body, and scattered the crushed bones behind his parents' house. By the time he was arrested on July 22, 1991, after a man he had handcuffed escaped from his apartment and flagged down a police car, Dahmer had killed 17 men and boys. He confessed, saying simply, "I carried it too far, that's for sure."
    The only issue at his 1992 trial was whether to accept his plea that he was criminally insane--and therefore not responsible for his revolting actions. Dr. Park Dietz, a respected California forensic psychiatrist, determined that he was not insane. "Dahmer was quiet, introverted, and performed his job prety well until he finally fell asleep and couldn't do his work because he couldn't keep up with his nighttime dastardly deeds," says prosecutor McCann.
    Dahmer was serving 16 consecutive life terms when inmates beat him to death in a prison bathroom in November 1994. Two years later, a businessman offered more than $400,000 to buy his implements--the refrigerator, the vats, the drills, the saws--to prevent a public auction. They were secretly buried.

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What Ragnarok Character Should You Be?
Quiz by Angelhalo

OKAY! In a desperate o.O; to pull this together, I'm gonna post something random. Mostly cause I dont' wanna clog up my LJ with the test crap 'n why not post here!? x.x I can't sleep cause of meh medicine! ;;

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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

1:01AM - Aloha >.o;

Alright bitches, the community is ready! O.o you should post about randomness. You can post anything! ANYTHING! As long as it's decent [no XXX sexual content ...of course you already knew that but just to make certain]. Um...yeah, look at the info page to see the.....profile thing and the purpose.

This community is dedicated to all out randomness!

Rules: Post anything that comes to mind (as long as it's within......the...reasonable decency that is expected)! You can post pictures, stories, games, rants, comments on events, URLs to sites you think are interesting, recipes for loov, how to make a bong out of Beanie Baby, et cetera! Be fun! Don't make rude comments [unless within reason....>.>?] and be polite. Uhm...get more members for the community! Be nice to Jews! Speak out! Reveil your plans on conquering the world!

Seee...I figured that, since Nessa wanted a place to write and everyone else wanted something strange then why not just a random boredom community? Um, please people post. I mean, it could be interesting once everything starts goin'? This is a place where you can post pictures of yourself doing stupid things, or just pictures you thought were interesting, where you can post all those annoying test results you oh-so must share with your LJ friends. Where you can just hang out and let your stomach flab vibrate with your laughter =) stories you've read that you thought were interesting. Post site links. Post about PONIES! Post about LENORE! Post about DBZ =[...god damnit just post anything!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

11:31PM - Rawr! =]

Okay, this is Aki here and uuuh...this is the first post so far. I'm trying to get everything set up and I'm hoping this background stays where it is and doesn't go all freaky and say 'omfg you're direct linking!'. So bear with me and let's just hope it goes well. Ummmmm....yep so until I get everything up it'll just be like this! O.o Sorta. I dunno what exactly we're gonna use the community for...buuuuut...Nessa said to write o.o and um um...I figure random chatter as well >>;; cause WELL IT BE FUN! rawr.


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